Far North Biodiversity Poster
Far North Biodiversity Poster

Kelly C. Major, M.Sc.

Position: Biodiversity and Monitoring Intern

Company: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry - Southern Biodiversity and Monitoring Unit

Location: North Bay, Ontario

Background: Terrestrial ecology, biodiversity, forest dynamics, biostatistics. 







M.Sc., Laurentian University; Biology, 2011.

B.Sc., Nipissing University; Env. Biology and Technology, 2008.

OCD, Canadore College; Env. Technician - Protection and Compliance, 2008.




Throughout my career I have had the privilege to work in collaboration with academic, industry and government researchers. As a Project Forester with the OMNR I helped to model forest regeneration and succession dynamics throughout boreal Ontario. Prior to this I served to assess terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity across Northern Ontario as a Wildlife Technician. Interacting with, and report on, all manner of flora and fauna, this latter position provided wonderful opportunities to camp for extended periods; including deployment by helicopter in the remote wilderness of of the Hudson Bay Lowlands.


As a Research Intern at Nipissing University, I participated in several projects assessing (1) the impact of moose hyperabundance on balsam fir populations in Gros Morne National Park, (2) the inter- and intra-specific responses of deciduous hardwood species to shade, and (3) the influence of metal contaminated soils on plant community assemblages in Sudbury.


Graduate studies provided the opportunity to investigate the community structure and regeneration ecology of invasive populations of red oak in Germany. During my undergraduate tenure I was involved in a variety of projects, including an honours thesis, that focused primarily on the ecology of forest communities in response to management and silviculture.


I have enjoyed many opportunities to present my research to academic, professional and public audiences at venues across Canada and in the United States.